The internet real name system

Korea's real name system nate and yahoo to confirm the real name of internet users when they post messages on discussion forums and similar sites it . Abstract: this paper puts forward a methodology of building network action surveillance system and a concept of knowledge base in active real-name system and automatic surveillance system the purpose of this paper is to develop an effective evaluation model for network behaviours based on the . In the wake of the recent massive leaks of personal information from major portals, attention has been focused on whether or not to abolish the real-name system on the internetin a government . Real name verification law on the internet: mean that system operators or third parties cannot detect a certain pseudonym’s real real name verification law .

the internet real name system Known as the “internet real-name system” the law required that any site which received more than 100,000 hits a day had to keep records of any user who posted comments as such, users were .

The top legislature is deliberating a draft decision on the real-name system, which requires internet users to identify themselves to service providers, or telecommunication operators this has aroused heated debate among lawmakers and the public whether she is working, relaxing, or even cooking . There is no real victim not violation of freedom settlement of right internet culture leaking personal information freedom of expression we have to learn netiquette. Although not a new phenomenon, the ocean of information that is the internet has been increasingly swamped with all manner of pollutants unlike the off-line sphere, the internet is dominated by various kinds of wrongdoings and degradation.

South korea’s “real names” debacle and the virtues of online anonymity the internet real-name registration system was expanded to apply to any website with more than 100,000 visitors per . Abstract: whether the real-name system is able to regulate network behavior and online speech in internet public sphere has been the focus of the parties to debate in this article, on the perspective of regulators, we constructed a three-phase completed information dynamic game model, through the . Using your realname on the internet - pros and cons why should you use your real name in messages on the intenet why not use a fancy name (pseudonym). The internet real-name authentication management, the so-called real-name system, was implemented several years ago despite the opposing voices of some online activists recently it has been .

Network real name policy is controversial in the network culture has a larger, accustomed to living in such a network in the virtual space of people opposed to the real name policy, but also has internet real name system can effectively curb the internet addiction, and enable users to see more responsibility of speech, is conducive to the . The south korea supreme court decided on august 23, 2012 that the internet “real name” policy is unconstitutional from local media outlet, kyunghyang shinmun: the judges unanimously voted that clause 5 of article 44 in the act on promotion of information and communications network utilization . The shortcoming of the internet real name system we must admit that using the internet real name system to social media, especially social networking site, which would decrease the rate of cyber crime by large margin it is effective.

The internet real name system

Real name system can hinder netizens from doing that especially in korea, this is a really serious problem causing innocent people to commit suicide or get mental disability due to excessive stress for example, a female singer named uni killed herself because of abusive comments about her on the internet. Governments employ a number of methods to exorcise bad speech from the internet real name registration is just one tool of the trade some might suggest that real name registration and other . In 2009, south korean is the first country which acted the internet real name system, the purpose of applying it is focus on minimizing the negative information posted by ulterior internet users, and make them responsible for their actions on the internet.

The influence of network real-name system on the management of internet public opinion song guangxing1, yang pingfang2 1 school of public management, yunnan university of finance and economics, kunming, prchina. A real-name system is a system in response from the administration is that they will supplement the certain regulations of personal information on the internet.

Pro-real name registration system first, at one end of the spectrum an internet real name registration system can raise the moral level of the internet, and at the other extreme can reduce the the various illegal actions committed using the internet. As early as 2006, the ministry of information and industry considered implementation of a real name registration system,29 and the china internet trade association actively encouraged internet service providers to require customers to provide identification details in exchange for service30 advocates of the real name policy hoped the law would . Internet user account name management regulations posted on february 4, 2015 updated on february 4, 2015 article 1: in order to strengthen management over internet user account names, protect the lawful rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, and on the basis of the “state council notice concerning empowering the cyberspace administration of china to be . Real name registration for internet access (in simplified chinese 网络实名制), or internet real name system, is a rule that requires internet users to use their .

the internet real name system Known as the “internet real-name system” the law required that any site which received more than 100,000 hits a day had to keep records of any user who posted comments as such, users were . the internet real name system Known as the “internet real-name system” the law required that any site which received more than 100,000 hits a day had to keep records of any user who posted comments as such, users were .
The internet real name system
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